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Success Double Arm Transportation to an Afghanistan war veteran

Wonderful story of a new life and new beginning.This is a short video about John Peck, a Marine veteran and quadruple amputee who underwent a double arm transplant surgery in August 2016.

After an accident in 2010, when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan and lost his arms and legs, Peck's life completely changed.

Six years he has lived with struggle of using prosthetic arms. After the long procedure, which last 14 hours, thanks to a team of 12 surgeons and his donor, Peak got a new arms.

The procedure involved trimming the ends of the bones in Peck's arms and equipping them with plates, which were then connected to the bones in donor arms. The arteries, veins and nerves were connected, muscles repaired.

Every day is a new fight, learning experience and great effort but Peck is very greathful to this gift.

Now he has opportunity to achieve his culinary dream and become a chef.

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